Need a switch or dimmer replaced or installed in Perth?

Trust Web X Electrical for Light Switch and Dimmer Installation in Perth

Why Hire the Experts for Lighting Switchs and Dimmers

Over the past 10+ years, Web X Electrical has installed thousands of light switches and dimmers across Perth homes. As specialists, we handle the entire installation process professionally to enhance any room.

Light switches and dimmers control your interior and exterior lighting. Failing units lead to dark, inconvenient spaces. Our experts get your lighting back to full function quickly with new switch and dimmer installation.

Benefits of New Lighting Switchs and Dimmers

Upgrading old switches and adding dimmers provides:

  • Reclaimed access to dark areas of your home
  • Contemporary switch styles to modernize a dated electrical system
  • Smart switches for app and voice control convenience
  • Mood lighting control through dimming abilities
  • Timer and motion sensors to automate lighting
  • Child safety switch covers to prevent electrical risks
  • Accent lighting to highlight architectural or design features

Bring your home lighting into the 21st century with Web X Electrical switch and dimmer installation services.

Our Electrical Switch and Dimmer Installation Process

  1. Evaluating your lighting needs and goals
  2. Assessing your existing wiring capacity
  3. Planning optimal placements for enhanced usability
  4. Installing new backboxes and conduits if required
  5. Running wiring through walls and ceilings safely
  6. Connecting switches and dimmers properly to circuits
  7. Testing all lighting controls for proper functioning
  8. Cleaning up work areas completely

You can trust Web X electricians to provide a seamless lighting control upgrade.

Why Electrical Experts Are Required

Australian standards mandate only licensed electricians can install mains voltage switches and dimmers. Our experts:

  • Have extensive training in electrical systems and safety protocols

  • Identify and correct any underlying wiring issues

  • Ensure your new controls comply with building codes

  • Verify correct polarity, grounding and circuit functioning

  • Provide completion certificates for your records

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