Is your Perth Business fitted with inadequate emergency lighting?

Trust Web X Electrical for Exit and Emergency Lighting in Perth

Does your Perth building have exit or emergency lighting installed? Regular testing ensures these critical safety systems function properly when needed most. Web X Electrical provides certified installation and testing for exit and emergency lighting.

What are Exit and Emergency Lights?

Exit lights clearly mark egress routes in buildings. They illuminate above doors or point the way to the nearest exit. Emergency lights provide basic lighting during power outages. They typically activate along stairs, bathrooms and other key areas.

Exit signs usually have two bulbs. The main bulb runs on standard power. The backup bulb uses a battery and activates when electricity fails. This conserves the backup power source.

Why Install and Test Emergency Lighting?

An emergency lighting system is essential for commercial buildings to maintain basic visibility for safe evacuation when the power goes out. Testing ensures your emergency lights work properly when required.

We install emergency lighting in ideal locations to illuminate safe exit pathways. Regular testing also verifies operational signage and backup batteries. Compliance with emergency lighting codes keeps your Perth building safe.

Web X Electrical - Exit and Emergency Lighting Specialists

For new installations or testing, trust Web X Electrical’s certified electricians for your building’s exit and emergency lighting needs in Perth. We install lighting to the latest standards and help maintain compliance.

Rely on our experts for emergency light testing. We identify any faults in the system and ensure reliable operation in a power outage. Contact us at 0422117839 to discuss your exit and emergency lighting requirements.

Our emergency lighting services include:

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