Need a Licensed Perth Electrician for Hard-Wired Smoke Alarm Installation?

Trust Web X Electrical for Smoke Alarm Installation and Compliance in Perth

Smoke alarms are crucial for home fire safety, but they must be installed properly by professionals to work as intended. Web X Electrical helps Perth homeowners meet all smoke alarm regulations through certified installation and maintenance.

Clipsal Smoke Alarm / Detector

Perth Smoke Alarm Laws & Regulations

Perth building regulations require hardwired, interconnected smoke alarms in all residential properties for sale or lease. As the owner, you must ensure:

  • Alarms are fitted in all mandated rooms
  • Alarms are less than 10 years old
  • Alarms meet Australian Standard AS3786
  • Alarms are networked together
  • Alarms are permanently wired to mains power

Penalties apply for non-compliant properties lacking adequate alarms.

Clipsal Wiser Lithium Battery Smoke Alarm

Benefits of Professional Smoke Detector Installation

Web X Electrical will make sure your new smoke alarms comply fully with the law through:

  • Complete installation from start to finish by licensed electricians
  • Use of only AS3786-approved, quality Clipsal smoke alarms
  • Seamless networking of alarms for whole home alerting
  • Provision of electrical safety certificates after completion

Protect your family and avoid violations – hire Web X Electrical for new installations or upgrades.

Smoke Alarm Maintenance Timeline

Ongoing Smoke Alarm Maintenance

We advise regular smoke alarm maintenance:

  1. Monthly testing to verify battery and alarm operation
  2. Regularly vacuuming vents to remove dust and insects
  3. Replacing batteries annually in mains-powered units
  4. Avoiding painting alarms as it reduces effectiveness
  5. Calling us immediately for any service issues

Proper maintenance means your smoke alarms will function when lives depend on it.

Our Certified Electricians Can Install And Replace All Types Of Smoke Alarms/Smoke Detectors:

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